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'mondomedeusah' pronounced (mondo ' med' ooh' sa)

Established in 2001, mondomedeusah creative was brought into existence through a passion for visual arts and digital media - getting our hands dirty in what we call the "creative sandbox", is what we do best.

mondomedeusah creative has a combined 26 years experience in IT services, software engineering, design, publishing, project management and creative consulting.

Our portfolio reflects our teams ability to exercise what we like refer as " a creative muscle called the brain". The materialization from seeing completion of any projects is why we work! We are each multitalented and artisans of our crafts, crafting in such a way, creating an emotional response.

mondomedeusah creative is based in the technology district in Canada's capital, Ottawa West. The location of our head office offers us the ability to position ourselves with a firm-footing. Our team works in all cities over the globe allowing us to build special relationships with all of our clients. Our body of work reflects the diversity of clients and projects ranging from Government Agencies to Creative Services by taste -makers and entrepreneurs alike.

We welcome you to mondomedeusah creative, a unique creative agency and publishing group.


We are a creative agency and publishing group that focuses on bringing each project to life through a strong visual presence that is conducive to each of our clients’ needs. We offer overall creative direction and large project development as well as:

Commercial, fashion, art, art nude, boudoir, alternative and lifestyle photography

Graphic design, logos and GUI Design interfaces for web and mobile platforms

Print and digital media for web and mobile

Video production for internet and mobile TV

Software development from web-based, stand-alone to enterprise

Server-side and web programming in all current languages

Database architecture

E commerce and enterprise solutions

Custom blog platform development

Art, music and fashion marketing

MUA and fashion style consulting

When building any project, branding is very important to us. It is what carries our clients and is the primary element within the nucleus of everything that we do. Our portfolio is quite vast but we always like to focus on the here and now. We like to forge new paths and ways to approach every new project one client at a time.

No project is too big or small and our doors are always open to new challenges. Our multi-talented team thrives on creative stimulation within every facet of our creative niche. We address each project with a fresh and open-minded approach. Our goal is to provide our clients with compelling imagery that will leave them with a strong and meaningful message.

contact: mondomedeusah at gmail dot com